Doula Services:

~One interview session

This is a chance for us to get to know one another. If you are interested in having a doula at your birth, we will discuss how I can be of assistance. We will also discuss some of the goals you have for your birth and how I can help you to achieve those.

~Two Prenatal Planning sessions

Once you have decided to hire me as your Doula, we will meet twice to discuss your detailed birth plan, and what type of coping and relaxation techniques you would like to utilize during labor and birth. We will also talk about breastfeeding, and post partum plans, as well as, practice effect techniques at handling the sensations of labor.

~Once your Labor Begins and throughout Birth

I will offer emotional and physical support to you and your partner during your labor whether you labor at home or at the hospital. I will stay with you for one to two hours after the birth of your baby to offer additional support, and assistance if needed with breastfeeding.

~One Postpartum session

We will schedule this appointment for when you return home. This is a chance to discuss your birth, and how breastfeeding is going. This is also a chance to address any other questions you might have.

~Special Keepsake

If interested for an additional fee, I offer a photography book, highlighting photos I have taken of your labor, birth, and immediate post partum. This is a special keepsake honoring you, your partner, and your baby's journey together. If not interested in the book, yet wanting photos, I am more than happy to use your camera to take pictures of your labor and your baby's birth for no additional fee.

*Once you hire me as your Doula, I will ask you to sign a contract and give me a deposit. At this time I will no longer take any clients with due dates near yours. I want to be at your birth!

Educator Services:

~Bringing Baby Home Private Class

If couples are interested, I am now offering a separate 12 hour private workshop which is designed to help new parents transition into parenthood. Marital satisfaction often decreases and family stress often increases with the arrival of a new baby.

Couples who take this Gottman designed workshop however report increase levels of marital satisfaction, identify as having a stronger family unit, and report that they truly enjoy parenthood which benefits not only themselves as parents, but benefits their child's attachment and sense of well being. Let me know if you are interested.